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Fax to Email Press Release 22.10.11

Its not often you get something for free, that is of high quality, eco friendly and a service you cannot believe you have lived without for so many years… Fax Number a UK Free Fax to Email company has just launched their latest offering, a new UK Free Fax to Email service with instant signups and fax number allocations. Getting your new fax number is immdiate, you simply put in your contact details including the email address to which you would like to receive all your future faxes and on submitting Get Number, you are instantly provided with your personal 0844 UK Fax Number.

Add to your companies green footprint by assigning fax numbers to each of your employees instantly and for free. Save thousands on expensive fax machines, toner, paper and time value. Benefit from electronic fax document storage and once again save on purchasing expensive scanners plus the time value of staff scanning documents to store them electronically.  The 0844 UK number range they use is a UK National Fax Number range.

The Fax to Email service is 100% free to use and anybody can signup! You are allocated a UK 0844 Fax Number for Free.

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  1. Fax to Email has saved us 1000s of Pounds, increased our staff productivity and enhanced our green approach to business functions – We highly recommend for all your Fax to Email requirements.

  2. Thank You for for the positive feedback.

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Get your Free Fax to Email / Free Fax2Email 084 Number today and start saving money by using an eco friendly alternative to traditional fax machines. Free Fax to Email UK.

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