Fax to Email Fax Number

Fax to Email

Fax to Email service allows business's to allocate a unique Fax Number to each their staff members. No Fax Machine required. Apply now for your Fax to Email Numbers! Read more

Fax Number for Free Fax2Email

Free Fax2Email

Fax Number UK offers Free Fax2Email Numbers on certain UK number ranges. Zero upfront, monthly or ongoing charges, your Fax2Email Service is 100% Free. Get UK Fax2Email. Read more

Fax Number for Fax to Email

Fax Numbers

On completing the sign up form you will instantly be allocates a new UK Fax to Email number. Start receiving Faxes on your new Fax Number immediately! Sign up for a Fax Number today. Read more

Fax to Email is Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Fax

Our Fax Service is 100% Eco Friendly. No more using a fax machine or paper to receive faxes, fax to email is 100% electronic. Receive all faxes via email. Your Green Fax solution! Read more

Why choose Fax Number UK?

  • Free Fax to Email allocations
  • Eco Friendly Fax Solutions
  • Instant & Free Fax Number setup
  • Receive Faxes in PDF format
  • Leaders in Fax2Email Services
  • Solid Fax Service Infrastructure
  • Save time and money - electronic fax
  • Unique Fax Number for each employee
  • Fax to Email UK secure data centre
  • UK focused Fax to Email service
  • Receive Fax to Email worldwide
  • Fax to Email on all email clients
  • MAC and PC Compatible Fax

Fax to Email Frequently asked Questions

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Does your fax to email service require software?

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Is Fax to Email / Fax2Email a free service?

How are you able to make Fax to Email Free?

Is Fax to Email MAC, Windows and Linux compatible?

Can I receive multiple faxes at the same time?

Will I still receive my fax to email faxes when overseas?